Oil & Gas Guide: Preventing Corrosion With Desalting Equipment – Desalters

A frequent issue that crops up in oil & gas companies around the world is that of tools and equipment being corroded beyond repair. While causing a halt in oil production, it also leads to a significant financial loss that might set you back by thousands of dollars. Corrosion of pipes and drums that store […]

The Crude Unit: Desalter Decontamination For Improved Efficiency – Desalters

Almost every modern crude unit employs five distillation processes to turn crude oil into refined marketable petroleum products. The first process is desalting that removes impurities such as salt from crude oil. It is done in desalter equipment — big-sized drums operated through power supply by desalter transformers — where raw oil is washed with water to remove […]

How To Chemically Enhance Desalter Performance – Desalters

There are a lot of philosophies regarding chemical desalting aids. Depending on what the objective of the program is, any of them can work better. Just like they do in properties, crude slates vary significantly in contaminates, why is why there is no one-size-fits-all solution. A primary emulsion breaker is often injected into the crude […]

How Can Desalting Crude Oil Affect The Oil Refineries?

From sand to salts, from polymers to corrosion byproducts, oil extracted from the core of mother nature, in its natural form, is brimming with impurities. In order to extensively commercialize the use of one of our most valuable resources, the crude oil extracted needs to undergo a process of distillation, the industry-wide term for which […]

Stabilizing Crude Refinery Through Desalting Optimization

With the market demand for crude units such as oil steadily growing, filtration and refineries around the world are hunting down potent optimization techniques that can channel maximum productivity and yet stabilize the crude unit refining process. Some of the latest market trends in the desalting optimization process includes- Corrosion Prevention– Professional Desalting organizations are […]

Understanding The Process Of Crude Oil Desalting

Crude oil contains many contaminants, such as inorganic salts, sand, drilling mud, suspended solids, polymer, corrosion byproducts, and more. These contaminants need to be removed to refine the oil into a finished product. The process is called separation. Desalting is a part of the refining process, in which, salts and water are removed from the […]