How Can Desalting Crude Oil Affect The Oil Refineries?

From sand to salts, from polymers to corrosion byproducts, oil extracted from the core of mother nature, in its natural form, is brimming with impurities. In order to extensively commercialize the use of one of our most valuable resources, the crude oil extracted needs to undergo a process of distillation, the industry-wide term for which is Desalting. Oil refineries or desalters work to eliminate traces of impurities, especially salts and water, from the crude product to make it more susceptible to commercial use. With the industry and demand for oil parallelly soaring, desalting services focusing on oil refinement are now looking for the best petrochemical industry equipment that can effortlessly and efficiently remove impurities while minimizing damage caused by it. But, before we tell you about desalting plants and oil refineries, let’s take a look at how the lack of adequate maintenance can damage your oil refinery plant.

How can Crude Oil be a Major Concern to Desalting Industries?
Most industries flooding the 21st Century scene are maximizing product quality and processing efficiency with the need to sift out impurities growing bigger and bigger. One such industry is the Petroleum industry that reaps its benefits from quality distilled oils. However, the process of oil desalting can be extensive with the end-products often focusing on segregation and disposal of impurities extracted from the oil. In multiple cases, oil desalting plants have noticed premature aging of their ace industrial equipment collections solely due to corrosion by impurity. Let us give you a few brief examples of how lack of maintenance and periodic cleaning can damage your desalting unit.

  • The salt and sand impurities in the crude unit can cause serious abrasion or damage to pumps and pipelines.
  • The crude units often contain calcium naphthenate which if not removed properly can result in deactivation of the catalyst.
  • Inorganic salts decomposing during the distillation process is often deemed as one of the leading causes of corrosion in desalting units.
  • Precipitation occurring during the desalting process can cause unwanted plugging of ventilation or heat trays.

Ace Solutions Brought Closer To You
The oil and gas industry is climbing the graph constantly with the demand for impurity-free oil being prominent as ever. At a major industrial point like this, shaking hands with an ace Desalting supply and servicing organization can only highlight your business benefits with prompt servicing and supply for quality grade petrochemical industry equipment being there by your side.