Stabilizing Crude Refinery Through Desalting Optimization

With the market demand for crude units such as oil steadily growing, filtration and refineries around the world are hunting down potent optimization techniques that can channel maximum productivity and yet stabilize the crude unit refining process. Some of the latest market trends in the desalting optimization process includes-

  • Corrosion Prevention– Professional Desalting organizations are pin-pointing plant contamination and corrosion as one of their primary troubleshooters. A desalting machinery is often undergoing chemical processes to refine the crude unit and salt or contamination removal on a strict periodic basis is proven to reduce downstream fouling or corrosion.
  • Dealing with crude oil efficiently– Crude oil or slop oil is often emulsified with water and solids making disposal facilities quite difficult. This is yet another persistent problem brands in the desalting industry face. However, proper care and disposal of crude oils is irreplaceable and hence desalter services have stepped in to provide efficient maintenance and servicing solutions.
  • Pre-treatment of crude units can improve cost efficiency– Crude units undergoing pre-treatment are easier to stabilize. Pre-treating your crude oil can also make the desalting process smooth and effective.
  • Wastewater and chemical handling is important– Crude units during their refining process may undergo chemical or water washes that leave behind unprocessed effluent wastewater. Repeated contact with effluent water or chemicals may increase the risk of damage or corrosion in desalting machines. In order to save your best desalter transformer bushing or quality-grade desalting components, wastewater or chemical treatment is crucial.

Professionals Speak
Desalting is a complex procedure that may incur some unwanted investments if not treated properly. This is probably one of the major reasons why Desalting professionals like Desalters L.L.C started refining the crude unit desalting process through stead supply and service of quality-grade desalting equipment and accessories that can withstand the dynamic market hurdles and still function efficiently.