To Avoid Unnecessary Financial Loss Through Equipment Damage, Refiners Should Invest In Quality Desalting Machines And Processes – Desalters

A countless number of components are present in crude oil. The majority of those components are natural, which are formed after millions of years under the earth’s surface. In these components, saturates are atoms of carbon that are joined with each other through single bonds. These bonds can be in short or long chains. From the crude oil, short-chain saturates turn into lighter products such as octane, butane, and heptane. Longer chain saturates, on the other hand, become wax which although useful, can cause problems like fouling and corrosion.

From its initial production stage to its journey to the refinery, crude oil gets hugely contaminated. A lot of those contaminants are natural such as saltwater, rock fragments, naphthenic acid. Although corrosion inhibitors, production fluids, and H2sS scavengers play an important role in the upstream and midstream, they are all known for causing all sorts of trouble later for the refineries.

As a solvent, organic chlorides are used in the oil production sites but they lead to issues such as fouling and corrosion at refineries. Another contaminant that causes fouling problems includes iron corrosion products, which make their way into crude oil when the oil is running through the pipelines. Then from reclaimed lubricants, compounds of zinc cause issues of tight emulsion.

As you can clearly see, when crude oil finally makes its way to the refinery, it is filled with all sorts of contaminants. It is up to the refinery how effectively it deals with those contaminants. It is important to note that crude oil’s quality is not the same in all shipments; it differs from shipment to shipment. If refineries do not have in place proper equipment, tools, and processes to remove the aforementioned contaminants from the crude, then they best prepare for severe negative effects of corrosion and fouling. Equipment at the refinery can suffer because of these contaminants and can end up causing heavy financial damage. Refineries will have to deal with replacement, decreased throughput, and most dreaded, shutdown time.

One and the only reliable method of dealing with contaminants is desalting. Desalters L.L.C. is an experienced desalter service and supply company where you can get top-quality products such as electrostatic dehydrator and desalter in TX that can effectively remove salt from the crude oil.